Treasury Transformation

There is a new paradigm in corporate banking.

Transform your treasury with a modern treasury management system.

  • See bank balances
  • See bank statements
  • Aggregate positions in a single currency
  • Manage loans and repayment schedules
  • See available facilities
  • ERP integration for inputs into cashflow forecast
  • Model cashflow forecast
  • Sweep cash to offset negative balances
  • In House Bank - manage inter-company loans
  • Payment Factory - optimise payment cost and reliabiity
  • Enforce payment approval and policies
  • Mobile app for convenient payment approval
  • Artificial intelligence to detect suspicious payments
  • Determine interest rate, currency and commodity exposure
  • Live market data feed
  • Calculate profit sensitivity to market risk
  • Trade interest rate, foreign exchange, commodity and equity spot and derivative contracts
  • Automate trade confirmations and settlement
  • Manage cash investments to maximise return within given risk parameters
  • Execute instructions from within the TMS
  • Manage credit and concentration risk
  • Manage supplier finance / discount for early payment
  • Board ready reporting and visualisation

Corporate Swift Membership

  • Affordable
  • Connect to any bank
  • Standard message formats
  • Highly secure network